नशा {NASHA} = The state of transformed consciousness; exhilaration or excitement of the mind(Noun)

The next generation of cold water extract


What is Cold Water Extract?

Cold water extract is using water to facilitate the trichome removal from cannabis. We use pure mountain water that is cooled to gently break off intact and mature trichomes from the highest quality of cannabis. The resin rich water is drained into a series of filters. The “Hash” is then dried using state of the art machinery to maintain Potency and Flavor


This is a “Raw” state of the trichomes after drying. It has a sand like consistency and is made up of thousands of tiny intact trichomes


This is the the Pressed form, where we have taken the raw trichomes and applied a small amount of heat and pressure to form a single ball of resin


Rosin is when immense heat and pressure is applied to Raw extracts. This creates a shatter or butter like consistency.